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Top Tips For Building An Effective Business Website

Introduction: Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

A website is a digital platform that provides information about your business and showcases your products or services. It is a one stop shop for all the information that you want to provide to your customers.

Most people believe that a website is only for large companies, but this isn’t true. A website can help any business grow and reach out to new customers. It can also help you cut down on costs by doing things like cutting out expensive advertising campaigns.

We have delved into this further in our previous blog about why every business needs a website

What is the Best Type of Website for My Business?

There are many types of websites that can be built for your business. The type that you choose will depend on your specific needs, the amount of time you have to invest, and the skillset you have.

Here is a list of the most common types of websites:

– Blogs: These are usually hosted on WordPress or Blogger and are often used by small businesses or individuals. They can be used to publish content such as blog posts, recipes, DIY projects and more.

– Ecommerce: These websites allow customers to purchase products or services online. They usually function like an online store with categories for each type of product available for sale.

– Landing pages: These sites can be used as an introductory page to a service or product that is being offered by the company.

– Portfolio sites: These sites showcase the work of a creative professional such as designers, illustrators and photographers. They may include examples of previous work in addition to contact

5 Essential Elements That You Should Never Forget to Include in Your Website

The idea of having a website is to have a place for people to go and find information about your company, products and services. But what if you forget some of the most important elements? This is not an uncommon thing. Many people are so focused on making sure that their website looks good that they forget to include some of the most basic elements. So, what are those 5 essential elements? Lets find out:

  1. Make sure your website reads well and is engaging.
  2. Use call to action (CTA) buttons to help increase enquiries.
  3. Check how your website looks on mobiles and tablets.
  4. Make sure your enquiry form is functioning correctly and you are receiving leads to the correct email address.
  5. Most importantly is the website being Indexed by Google? If not you need to ensure your settings are correctly configured.

The Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites and Why it Matters to You

Static websites are generally cheaper to produce and maintain, but they don’t offer a personalised experience for the user, they also are a lot more difficult to update.

Dynamic websites offer a personalised experience for the user, but they are more expensive to produce and maintain but will provide you more freedom to update your website.

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